The easiest way to fall into the consumption trap is to stop thinking. Lose consciousness. Not be in the present moment.

Here’s an example…….

It was only Day 2 of Buy Nothing New Month. I was feeling a sense of scarcity. It’s almost 2 years since we left Canada, and still we have not yet bought a house in Adelaide and it’s starting to frustrate our family. My mind was wandering around, mentally predicting the future, what our new home might be like, how the kids would get to school…….and that’s when it happened.

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a complete fail. I didn’t BUY anything.

But I consumed. I fell for pure promotion. Walking mindlessly past an real estate agency I snapped up a FREE glossy catalogue of “for sale” houses – a fat book of shiny counter tops and gleaming swimming pools.

I didn’t need this item. It’s life span was a mere 15 minutes. It didn’t give us a house lead, there were only a page of Adelaide houses anyway.

End result – recycled in disgust, and a new vow to try & keep my head out of my thoughts and in the here & now.

Stay tuned !