It was only a little purchase, but a purchase all the same.

For the second time in less than 6 days I bought something new ! So much for Buy Nothing New Month !

On the scale of severity though, pretty low…..two postcards.

This week was Kaurna Language Week in Adelaide and I had a few appointments in the city on this Day 6. With a bit of spare time between meetings I made my way to visit (for the first time) Tandanya  – Adelaide’s Aboriginal-owned arts centre celebrating their 25th anniversary. After being enthralled by stories from elder artist Bluey Roberts supervising his 50 year-long collection and taken by stunning splashes of colour and social commentary in Kunyi McInerney’s acrylics – I wandered into the gift shop.

Silly girl. I didn’t need to buy anything.

But I was distracted by feelings, daydreams and emotions. The purchase came from a sense of obligation & thanks – I had viewed and enjoyed the modern works and was extremely moved by the early watercolours and observations of first European explorers of Adelaide’s Aboriginal family groups.

So some bright classic dot images seemed like the perfect antidote to my mixed feelings.

Never thought it was going to be so difficult to maintain a daily focus ! My initial expectation for this October’s exercise was to genuinely buy NOTHING new for the whole month, but like an extreme diet, I had to admit this wasn’t working. So now I’ve decided to let a drip-feed of teeny consumption go by un-judged, as long as there’s an element of responsibility.

I’ve since found out Tandanya operates under the Indigenous Art Code, a nation wide code of conduct that means with  a purchase a minimum of 60% of the retail price is returned to the artist or art centre. So a bit less of a feeling of failure from the point of this anti-consumption exercise.

In hindsight I should have made a donation to the centre. But it was at least a relatively responsible purchase.

Your thoughts?