In order to find the right house for us to buy as a family, we had took a look at some interesting places. We spent many, many weekends looking at homes that hadn’t been renovated for 40 years or more, people who built, married, grew families & died in the same place.

There are dozens of 1935-1970’s aged houses going under the demolishers ball here in Adelaide.

This photo blog is a little view into some of those properties. They are not all great photos, as some had to be surreptitiously taken one room ahead of the estate agents walk-through.

Most of these houses no longer exist.

I’d like to see a return of the sewing room……………………

  • Here’s to the “painted every decade” back lean-to. And the light fittings that are indestructible.


  • To home-decoration, not shop-bought. I wonder how the recently-cool macrame lovers would view this one?


  • The world needs to have more hand-door bells. No electricity required. Please ring.


  • To breakfast bars, bamboo and built-to-last.


  • C’mon wall paper designers, can we have a return of these?

IMG_8523 IMG_8525

  • I had never seen a wooden wheelbarrow before this one – and it’s likely I never will again.


  • Hand embroidery in the sewing room. Vive la sewing room !


  • Best map ‘oTassie I think I’ve ever seen !


  • To the door that still works, the original lock, and the key that was lost decades ago. That no key cutters ever going to re-create.


  • When greenhouses were for plants, not food. And they weren’t supposed to be pretty. They were for the plants, not our views.


  • Ode to the ugly back shed.


  • Here’s a cheer to low fences and those juicy bricks. Wonder if anyone makes them anymore?


  • Cos’ the kids height was more important than pristine white.