Adelaide's journal for a smarter, better, fairer world

Pleased to meet you – I’m Melissa Hellwig, part-owner of a rich and determinedly green crazy life alongside my husband and 2 kids.

I am a sustainability enthusiast, a green champion, a recent transplant to Adelaide from NSW via Canada. With a Masters of Environmental Management I work for our better world, and in exchange either get;

1) A big financial return (very rare and not entirely satisfying), or

2) No financial return at all. But a full heart & contented mind.

And I’ve done most things in between the two…….sustainability consulting, farmers market stall-holder, corporate mining jobs, beautiful yoga teaching, government contracts, blogging, film festivals, cancer survival, assorted volunteer contributions and an either thriving veggie garden OR totally neglected veggie garden.

In writing the Adelaidesphere blog I resolve to – write about what you want ! So tell me, what do you want to read about a more sustainable Adelaide? Do you want to feel uplifted? Supported? Informed? Do you want a rage against the machine or delve into guided and soothing messages of hope. I think I can tailor it a few ways…..

* Round up the who’s who, celebrate our interconnectedness, our innovation,

* Document as many efforts as I can to break down competition and engender collaboration – so our region can transition more smoothly to a more sustainable place – a smarter, fairer, better world.

Email me with any questions or ideas you have

I am available for Climate Reality climate change presentations (having received training from Al Gore in 2012).

I am available for Fossil Fuel Divestment training (for institutions).

You can find a professional round-up about me on LinkedIn



Looking forward to being of service to our Adelaide-e-sphere.



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    July 1, 2016 at 1:44 am

    Hi Melissa, its DING Bike Lights, we need your address for our shipping database please.

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