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Wow, I’ve found my consumption Achilles heel. Feeling a sense of scarcity, rather than abundance.

First it was a feeling of inadequacy about the fact we don’t own our own home (result = house magazine), second it was feeling guilt and towards how we have treated our indigenous brothers & sisters (result = unnecessary postcards) and today it was because I haven’t got a garden (result = veggie seeds).

Man, if I had a veggie garden even half the size of size of my last one, none of these buying slip-ups would occur! I’d be too busy messily pottering around in the dirt!

So I bought seeds. I bought veggie seeds cos’ I’d spent hours in the city running errands and it was a glorious day & I was yearning to be in a large green space. I didn’t need the seeds, but it’s spring & stuff grows in spring & it’s what all the other veggie gardeners are doing. But I am not.

Sure, I’ve got a couple of pots of mint, lemongrass and parsley – but it’s hardly a garden, it’s someone else’s garden and there’s nowhere to make one.

Buying the seeds made me feel better. And in the next couple of seasons I will plant them. They won’t go to waste.

They were organic. They were heirloom. They were bought at the local markets, the packets made from compostable card.

So there.